The #WakeUp movement is underway to inspire black people to question their religious beliefs, their origins, and how religious thought patterns affect our behavior.

You Won’t Believe What This Preacher Does to His Congregation!
This preacher and his followers have lost their minds!
Celebrities Who Don’t Believe in God
Rickey smiley questions the bible. David Banner doesn't believe in the devil. Brad Pitt finds religion "stifling." Lady Gaga recognizes the harm religion causes. Johnny Depp explains why he doesn't follow religion! Corey Holcomb discusses Christianity on the 5150 Show!
#WakeUp Quotes!
Quotes From Powerful books!
#WakeUp Quotes
-An even more remarkable change has taken place in Uganda. In 1875 Stanley taught the king, Mtesa, his first lessons in Christianity, and fondly believed that he had made a convert of him.
Does Prayer Really Work?
Here are several examples that can help you to understand how religion works in our world today.
#WakeUp Quotes
-What Africa needed, he said, was railways, he called them “a tramway” to be “an iron bond, never to be again broken, between Africa and the more favored continents.”
The Golden Stool
What you are about to read are the writings of Christian Missionary Edwin W. Smith. Read carefully as he explains how Europeans mentally enslaved Africans using Christianity.
Chappelle’s Rant
Dave Chappelle's Rant about the entertainment industry, and the rights to his show. We support Dave 100%. DON'T WATCH THE SHOW UNLESS THEY PAY DAVE CHAPPELLE!
You Wont Believe What They Found Under Tulsa, Oklahoma
Archaeological Excavation of Tulsa, Ok Uncovers Mass Graves?
Clotel, or, The President’s Daughter
Often considered the first African-American novel, This novel focuses on the difficult lives of mulattoes in America and the "degraded and immoral condition of the relation of master and slave in the USA" (Brown). It is about the tragic lives of Currer, Althesea, and Clotel.
Letter From a Freed Man to His Old Master
Letter From a Freed Man to His Old Master
The slave trade, as we have seen, cost perhaps 100,000,000 lives. The inter-tribal wars, except for such sanguinary conflicts as that associated with the Zulus, in which it is said two million people were destroyed, may not in particular instances have been attended by a great mortality, but in the aggregate they must have diminished the population considerably.
#WakeUp Qoutes
Edwin Smith Qoute
#WakeUp Qoutes
David Livingstone Quote
#WakeUp Quotes
“ As a great historical institution Christianity can be characterised only as the religion of the white race. . . . From the second century till the present day, Christianity has been the most European and the least Asiatic of religions. Its great expansion in modern times has been due to the unparalleled expansion of the white race.”- Dean Inge
#WakeUp Quotes!
Christian Missionary Lord Burnham
Who Gives More??? Rich Christians vs Rich Atheist
Is Bill Gates an Atheist? What about Jeff Besos? Warren Buffet? Donald Trump? Let's find out!
3 Pastors Get Life Sentence for Raping Girl Inside Church… Their Families Covered It Up
3 Pastors Rape Girl Inside Church
PROOF: Christianity is a LIE!!! Bishop George Pell Confesses!
Christianity’s Darkest Secret…
Atheist vs Theist Debate: Does God Exist?
Creflo Dollar Exposed!
How Religion Enslaves YOU!
True Meaning of Elohim

Pastor Ray Hagins Admits Jesus Was Never Raised from the Dead!
Christianity’s Darkest Secret Part II
How Christianity Evolved by Kweli Kush
Joel Osteen Exposed!
How Christianity Enslaved Africans
Preachers Exposed! Why We Shouldn’t go to Church!

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