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nu atheist experience podcast for black atheist

The NU Atheist Experience is a Podcast for People who are Experiencing Religious Trauma, Questioning Beliefs, or Just Looking For Like Minded, Free Thinking Black People to Talk To!!! Watch Live on YouTube every Sunday Night!
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What Has Religion Done For Black People? Atheist Church LIVE by Kweli Kush

LIVE Cash Giveaway Every Sunday at 8pm Eastern on YouTube! Call In Every Sunday Night at 7:30pm Eastern  Join the Panel!   This Channel hosts 3 main shows: Atheist church LIVE , N.E.W. Thugs , and Shot Out Electron ! Our content is similar the Atheist Experience, Talk Heathen, and  Star Talk!  We focus on critical thinking and facts over fiction! Subscribe Now!   Use this link to shop on Amazon and support this channel in the process!  *FREE Audio Books* From Audible! No need to read! Just listen to awesome books!!!  If you like those church fights videos or other funny church videos, you'll love this video too!  Want More? Visit Facebook@ IG @ Twitter @ Pinterest @ Nu World Order @  Donate to This Channel Here  SUPPORT Atheist Church LIVE Show  SUPPORT NEW THUGS PODCAST    Your support will help spread the teachings of critical thinking, science, history, and free thinking in urban communities as oppose to the superstitious thinking that is only attractive to the unlearned. Help us spread this message by becoming a patron today!    Every dollar helps so don't hesitate to donate $1 or whatever you can spare to share!      Help us produce this content by donating to our Cash App @ $kwelikush   Don't Have Cash App??? Get $15 just to try it out here! Thanks for your support!   *Subscribe to The Atheist Church LIVE Podcast EVERYWHERE!*  Amazon/Audible Apple iHeartRadio Anchor Breaker Google Podcasts Radio Public Pocket Casts  — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  1. What Has Religion Done For Black People?
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  3. Why We Believe In God
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  5. PROOF! Jesus is NOT…

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