Lyft Promo Codes

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Free Rides

Uber and Lyft often run promotions to recruit new customers. If you’re new to Uber or Lyft, you may qualify for free ride credit or a discounted first trip. All you need is a valid promo code. Promo Code amounts vary by city and are subject to change any time. We keep a record of promos being offered by both platforms and have listed the most current working invite codes below.

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How do I Get Free Lyft Rides?

Free ride credit usually applies to new first time users only. Simply download the app or sign up online and enter CITYMAX in the invite code section. This code will credit your account with the maximum free ride bonus amount in your city!

Is the first ride on Lyft free?

Your first ride may be free as long the trip total does not exceed the bonus amount awarded to you when you signed up. For the maximum bonus in your city use promo code: CITYMAX

How do you use a credit on Lyft?

Your ride credit will be automatically deducted from your trip total. If your trip total is less than your ride credit, your first ride is FREE!

How do Lyft promo codes work?

Lyft invite codes are used to recruit new riders as well as drivers. The value of the code is determined by location of  the referrer and applicant and varies from city to city. To avoid searching for a high paying promo code, simply use invite code CITYMAX and we will award you the maximum amount for your city!

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