You Wont Believe What They Found Under Tulsa, Oklahoma

Archaeological Excavation of Tulsa, Ok Uncovers Mass Graves?

Clotel, or, The President’s Daughter

Often considered the first African-American novel, This novel focuses on the difficult lives of mulattoes in America and the “degraded and immoral condition of the relation of master and slave in the USA” (Brown). It is about the tragic lives of Currer, Althesea, and Clotel.


The slave trade, as we have seen, cost perhaps
100,000,000 lives. The inter-tribal wars, except
for such sanguinary conflicts as that associated
with the Zulus, in which it is said two million
people were destroyed, may not in particular
instances have been attended by a great mortality,
but in the aggregate they must have diminished
the population considerably.

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Book of the Day “How To Make A Negro Christian”

“What will be the benefit of giving enslaved Africans christianity? “It is a matter of astonishment, that there should be any objection at all; for the duty of giving religious instruction to our Negroes, and the benefits flowing from it, should be obvious to all. The benefits, we conceive to be incalculably great, and [one] of them [is] there will be greater subordination …among the Negroes (page 52).”