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Misconceptions and Misinformation of the Hebrew Israelites

by Brother Garfield

Misconceptions and Misinformation of the Hebrew Israelites is primarily an opportunity for everyone in the black community, especially African Americans or Africans of the diaspora to get a better understanding of the theology of the biblical text.

misconceptions and misinformation of Hebrew Israelites by Garfield book

I believe this book will give us an opportunity to grow as a community. I came up with some topics for the chapters that I know will enlighten anyone who reads them.” – Brother Garfield

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Roy Wood Jr. Prank Call “Arm In Toilet”

Roy Wood Jr. Prank Call

Surge of Kids Stealing Cars in Atlanta

Kids Carjacking Like Crazy in Atl

Doctors Amputate Wrong Leg of Man

Aw Hell Naw News: Wrong Leg

Doctors amputated the wrong leg of an elderly man during surgery, at a hospital in Austria.

The 82 year old was supposed to have his left leg removed, but due what doctors are calling “human error” the right leg was amputated instead.

The error was a result of a hospital worker mistakenly putting a preoperative mark on the wrong leg, the hospital said.


George Carlin Explains Why Religion Is Ridiculous

George Carlin Talks About God

George Carlin is super funny with his ‘In Your Face’ approach!


You will laugh and learn as George Carlin talks about religion, god and peoples idiotic beliefs!

Paul Mooney Dead at Age 79

Comedian Paul Mooney passed away from a heart attack in Oakland early on the morning of May 19, 2021 at the age of 79.

“Thank you all from the bottom of all of our hearts … you’re all are the best!…… Mooney World” the tweet read. “The Godfather of Comedy – ONE MOON MANY STARS! .. To all in love with this great man.. many thanks.”

Mooney died at his home in Oakland, California, after suffering a heart attack, according to representative Cassandra Williams. 

Black Owned Chappelles Show Paul Mooney
Paul Mooney Dead at 79

The Twitter account for Mooney posted a tweet thanking the comedian’s fans for their condolences. 

Mooney wrote for series and sitcoms, including “Sanford and Son,” “In Living Color” and “Good Times.” 

He appeared in numerous films, including his portrayal of Sam Cooke in “The Buddy Holly Story” and his roles in “Bamboozled” and “Meet the Blacks.”

The comedic icon memorably played recurring character Negrodamus on “Chappelle’s Show,” where he also served as a writer.

Mooney, who used his comedy to directly confront racism, published a memoir titled “Black Is the New White.”

Kountry Wayne Explains Why He Left The Church

Comedian Kountry Wayne explains why he stoppe going to church in this hilarious joke!

Kountry Wayne – Pierre

While Justice Sleeps: A Novel

While Justice Sleeps: A Novel by Stacy Abrams Audio Book

From celebrated national leader and best-selling author Stacey Abrams, While Justice Sleeps is a gripping, complexly plotted thriller set within the halls of the US Supreme Court.

Stacy Abrams Book

“Brilliant and mesmerizing. Abrams follows in Dan Brown’s footprint with this masterfully plotted thriller that unfolds like the ultimate chess match – bold move to bolder move with lives hanging in the balance.” (Lisa Gardner) 

“Stacey Abrams is a true novelist, and While Justice Sleeps is a first-class legal thriller, favorably compared to many of the best, starting with The Pelican Brief, which it brings to mindIt’s fast-paced and full of surprises – a terrific read.” (Scott Turow)

Black Owned whilejusticesleeps

Avery Keene, a brilliant young law clerk for the legendary Justice Howard Wynn, is doing her best to hold her life together – excelling in an arduous job with the court while also dealing with a troubled family. When the shocking news breaks that Justice Wynn – the cantankerous swing vote on many current high-profile cases – has slipped into a coma, Avery’s life turns upside down. She is immediately notified that Justice Wynn has left instructions for her to serve as his legal guardian and power of attorney…

Plunged into an explosive role she never anticipated, Avery finds that Justice Wynn had been secretly researching one of the most controversial cases before the court – a proposed merger between an American biotech company and an Indian genetics firm, which promises to unleash breathtaking results in the medical field. She also discovers that Wynn suspected a dangerously related conspiracy that infiltrates the highest power corridors of Washington.

As political wrangling ensues in Washington to potentially replace the ailing judge whose life and survival Avery controls, she begins to unravel a carefully constructed, chesslike sequence of clues left behind by Wynn. She comes to see that Wynn had a much more personal stake in the controversial case and realizes his complex puzzle will lead her directly into harm’s way in order to find the truth.

 While Justice Sleeps is a cunningly crafted, sophisticated novel, layered with myriad twists and a vibrant cast of characters. Drawing on her astute inside knowledge of the court and political landscape, Stacey Abrams shows herself to be not only a force for good in politics and voter fairness but also a major new talent in suspense fiction.

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