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Jacob Blake Speaks Out About Police Shooting Him in His Back

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They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America

In They Came Before Columbus, we see clearly the unmistakable face and handprint of black Africans in pre-Columbian America, and their overwhelming impact on the civilizations they encountered.

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4 Year Old Girl Killed by Neighbors Who Claim She Was Possessed by Demons

A 4 year old girl was killed on December 20, 2020 by her neighbors who claim she was possessed by a demon.

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Celebrities Who Don’t Believe in God

Rickey smiley questions the bible. David Banner doesn’t believe in the devil. Brad Pitt finds religion “stifling.” Lady Gaga recognizes the harm religion causes. Johnny Depp explains why he doesn’t follow religion! Corey Holcomb discusses Christianity on the 5150 Show!

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Christianity Before Christ

Christianity Before Christ by John G. Jackson Nothing is new or original in Christianity. That is the important thesis demonstrated in Christianity Before Christ. The least important features, as well as the most important components, were all well developed in cultures that flourished before the time that Christ is alleged to have walked the parched pathsContinue reading “Christianity Before Christ”

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The Spook Who Sat by the Door

A classic in the black literary tradition, The Spook who Sat by the Door is both a comment on the civil rights problems in the United States in the late 1960s and a serious attempt to focus on the issue of black militancy.

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The Richest Man in Babylon & the Magic Story

Babylonian Parable about wealth.

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#WakeUp Quotes!

Quotes From Powerful books!

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Spirituality Before Religions: Spirituality is Unseen Science…Science is Seen Spirituality

Spirituality Before Religions, delves deeply into many ideas researched by many brilliant writers and scholars. This book synthesizes these writings into a comprehensive study of ancient African Deep Thought with Tep Heseb, the Kemetic (Egyptian) process of accurately reckoning by using the correct method of analysis. This clear and concise philosophy guided early humanity into the heavens on earth, while creating a heaven on earth.

God and My Neighbour

God and my Neighbour by Robert Batchford “A most amazing book. It is a direct and unqualified attack upon the Christian religion, upon ‘free will, the sense of sin, the belief in a Heavenly Father and a future recompense.’ Mr. Blatchford writes in terse, vigorous and pungent style, well adapted to his readers. Moreover heContinue reading “God and My Neighbour”

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#WakeUp Quotes

-An even more remarkable change has taken place in Uganda. In 1875 Stanley taught the king,
Mtesa, his first lessons in Christianity, and fondly believed that he had made a convert of him.

does prayer really work

Does Prayer Really Work?

Here are several examples that can help you to understand how religion works in our world today.

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#WakeUp Quotes

-What Africa needed,
he said, was railways,
he called them
“a tramway”
to be “an iron bond,
never to be again broken, between Africa and the
more favored continents.”

spiritual intelligence

Spiritual Intelligence: The Art of Thinking Like God

Because believers have the mind of Christ through the Holy Spirit, we have the capacity for brilliance.

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The Golden Stool

What you are about to read are the writings of Christian Missionary Edwin W. Smith. Read carefully as he explains how Europeans mentally enslaved Africans using Christianity.

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“What God Wants”

The biggest danger in the world today is not the asking of questions, but the assumption that we have all the answers.


This book, from the author of the phenomenal New York Times bestseller Conversations with God, is dangerous. Why? Because it explores with startling freshness the most important question you could ever ask — and offers with breathtaking courage the most extraordinary answer you could ever imagine.

That answer is so theologically revolutionary and spiritually empowering that it could change the course of human history. If embraced, it most certainly will change your life.

There are people and institutions in the world, long in place and long in power, that want neither of these outcomes to occur. They would rather that you put this book down right now.

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Chappelle’s Rant

Dave Chappelle’s Rant about the entertainment industry, and the rights to his show. We support Dave 100%. DON’T WATCH THE SHOW UNLESS THEY PAY DAVE CHAPPELLE!

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You Wont Believe What They Found Under Tulsa, Oklahoma

Archaeological Excavation of Tulsa, Ok Uncovers Mass Graves?

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FREE Audio Book of the Day “Behold, a Pale Horse”

Former US naval intelligence briefing team member Bill Cooper reveals classified information kept in secret government files since the 1940s.

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Clotel, or, The President’s Daughter

Often considered the first African-American novel, This novel focuses on the difficult lives of mulattoes in America and the “degraded and immoral condition of the relation of master and slave in the USA” (Brown). It is about the tragic lives of Currer, Althesea, and Clotel.

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Letter From a Freed Man to His Old Master

Letter From a Freed Man to His Old Master

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This FREE audio book is a collection of 12 very creepy stories by the master of creepiness, Edgar Allen Poe.

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FREE Audio Book of the Day “The Antichrist”

The Antichrist FREE Audio Book

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“My Path to Atheism” FREE Audio Book of the Day

My Path to Atheism is a remarkable document in many ways, not least that it was written by a woman in Victorian England, not the most open free-thinking of societies, especially for women at that time.

FREE Audio Book of the Day “Before Adam”

“Before Adam” by Jack London “Before Adam is a mixture of sound science and sci-fi speculation. It is based around Darwin’s theory of evolution and the idea of racial memory. The main character lives in the current world but has dreams and nightmares that he relives the pre-stone age life of one of his proto-humanContinue reading “FREE Audio Book of the Day “Before Adam””

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The Amazing James Randi Passes Away at Age 92

James Randi Passed Away at Age 92

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The slave trade, as we have seen, cost perhaps
100,000,000 lives. The inter-tribal wars, except
for such sanguinary conflicts as that associated
with the Zulus, in which it is said two million
people were destroyed, may not in particular
instances have been attended by a great mortality,
but in the aggregate they must have diminished
the population considerably.

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“Mysticism and Mathematics”

Mysticism and Mathematics by Bertrand Russell

why i am not a christian

FREE Audio Book of the Day “Why I Am Not a Christian”

Free thinker Bertrand Russel’s collection of brilliant esasys.

god delusion cover

FREE Audio Book of the Day “The God Delusion”

Free Daily Book Recommendations from Kweli Kush!

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Learn How to Establish Credit Fast! Best New Method to Build Credit!

Build Credit by loaning to yourself! Learn More!


Mike Pence Addresses the Infamous Fly on His Head!

Mike Pence has fly on his head!

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Book of the Day “The Chronology of Human Evolution: Real Black Atheism Explained”

Black Atheism Explained

Book of the Day “Holy Lockdown”

Why are Black communities full of churches but still suffer harsh conditions? Why are Black people the most God fearing people in the world, yet the most fragmented and economically dependent? Is there a correlation between religion and low productivity? Holy Lockdown is a book that addresses the paradox that exists within the Black community.Continue reading “Book of the Day “Holy Lockdown””

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#WakeUp Qoutes

Edwin Smith Qoute

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#WakeUp Qoutes

David Livingstone Quote

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#WakeUp Quotes

“ As a great historical
institution Christianity can be characterised only
as the religion of the white race. . . . From the
second century till the present day, Christianity
has been the most European and the least Asiatic
of religions. Its great expansion in modern times
has been due to the unparalleled expansion of the
white race.”- Dean Inge

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#WakeUp Quotes!

Christian Missionary Lord Burnham

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FREE Audio Book of the Day “Permanent Record”

An NPR Best Book of the Year – 2019
Edward Snowden, the man who risked everything to expose the US government’s system of mass surveillance, reveals for the first time the story of his life, including how he helped to build that system and what motivated him to try to bring it down.


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