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This FREE audio book is a collection of 12 very creepy stories by the master of creepiness, Edgar Allen Poe.

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“My Path to Atheism” FREE Audio Book of the Day

My Path to Atheism is a remarkable document in many ways, not least that it was written by a woman in Victorian England, not the most open free-thinking of societies, especially for women at that time.

FREE Audio Book of the Day “Before Adam”

“Before Adam” by Jack London “Before Adam is a mixture of sound science and sci-fi speculation. It is based around Darwin’s theory of evolution and the idea of racial memory. The main character lives in the current world but has dreams and nightmares that he relives the pre-stone age life of one of his proto-humanContinue reading “FREE Audio Book of the Day “Before Adam””


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Kweli Kush

Author, avid reader, critic, Black atheist, and cannabis connoisseur Kweli Kush is on a mission to uplift the black community by promoting free thinking, reading and secular humanism in the community as oppose to the heavily biblical worldview that has halted the growth of many Black Americans.

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