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Author, avid reader, critic, and cannabis connoisseur Kweli Kush is on a mission to uplift the black community by promoting free thinking, reading and secular humanism in the community as oppose to the heavily biblical worldview that has halted the growth of many Black Americans.
The #WakeUp movement is underway to inspire black people to question their religious beliefs, their origins, and how religious thought patterns affect our behavior.


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4 thoughts on “About Kweli Kush

  1. Poor whites have been enslaved by Christianity as well. What your exposing is greatly needed but, all people have been victims of these terrible religious lies. No doubt, the bible condones slavery, one of the worst crimes human beings can commit on another. You know how it works. If you believe you become special.Infidels are doomed. This shit is taught to us as mere children when we don;t know any better. No wonder we're so confused. It took me years to figure out the bible was unreliable.

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