FREE Audio Book of the Day “Permanent Record”

An NPR Best Book of the Year – 2019
Edward Snowden, the man who risked everything to expose the US government’s system of mass surveillance, reveals for the first time the story of his life, including how he helped to build that system and what motivated him to try to bring it down.

FREE Audio Book of the Day “Confessions of a Former Fox News Christian”

It’s an exposé of conservative media’s “closed systems” which constantly feed on (and feed into) public outrage, ignorance, bigotry, and fear. It’s also the story of one man’s personal journey into a larger and better world.

Harvard University Conducted 4 Year Study to Find Out Why So Many Black Men Are In Prison: You Won’t Believe What They Say the Cause Is…

The study also found the average White felon in the state has committed a more severe crime than the average Black inmate.

Umar Johnson Blames ‘Quaker Grits’ And Black’s For School Not Being Built

He asked his followers: “Can I have your grit money for one year?“ Umar Johnson posted to Instagram on Labor Day to give an explanation of why the school for Black boys that he raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years has never been built. Umar placed some of the blame for theContinue reading “Umar Johnson Blames ‘Quaker Grits’ And Black’s For School Not Being Built”

Book of the Day “Monetizing Gentrification”

Monetizing Gentrification  As a long time real estate investor and business owner, Thomas “TJ” Loftin spent lifetime observing business and real estate trends and watched some major disruptions in both areas.  Therefore, TJ decided to travel the country to closely monitor them. He came to the realization that in less than a decade most peopleContinue reading “Book of the Day “Monetizing Gentrification””

The Blackprint to Wealth – with Thomas TJ Loftin

Why Are Some People Filthy Rich While Billions of Others Are Dirt Poor?  Thanks to black business leader TJ Loftin and some Italian researchers, we may now have the answer!As it turns out, the most successful people are not the most talented ones. They are just the luckiest! At least that’s what a new computerContinue reading “The Blackprint to Wealth – with Thomas TJ Loftin”

You’re Smart! So Why Aren’t You Rich???

The distribution of wealth follows a well known pattern sometimes called an 80:20 rule. 80 percent of the wealth is owned by 20 percent of the people.
 A report last year concluded that just eight men had a total wealth equivalent to the wealth of the world’s poorest 3.8 billion people.

Designer Face Masks – Unisex – Adjustable – Washable – With Filters for Protection

Face Coverings and Masks with Designs – Order Here  Click Here to Order Your’s Now Made with 100% cotton, comfortable, soft,breathable.Its size is perfectly measured as 15.5“×4.6“ making in standard to fit your face conveniently. 👐Fashion Design:This constitute of 3 different styles which have greater looks on anybody. Both sides have same appearance and prints.YouContinue reading “Designer Face Masks – Unisex – Adjustable – Washable – With Filters for Protection”