Strain Of The Day – Morning Glory

Black Owned fa076 morning glory
Sativa 60 / Indica 40
Origins: Hawaiian sativa x Skunk II
Flowering: 65-70 days

Morning Glory is an active and cheerful variety with an interesting range in its flavors and excellent yields. it has been popular among Barney’s Farm selections since its Cannabis Cup win in 2002. Morning Glory combines the exotic island flavors of a Hawaiian sativa mother with the durable quality of the Skunk in the paternal line.

Skunk varieties are known as versatile plants that contribute many desirable qualities to more delicate and challenging strains. Sativas are generally known to be lankier and more finicky in the garden, and this can often be a greater concern with varieties adapted to specific locales. Hawaiian varieties, like other island-acclimated strains, may lose their special Polynesian flavors and vibe when moved to more temperate locations. In Morning Glory, the Hawaiian mother has been infused with skunk genetics, adding a hardy efficiency to its growth. Yet the surprisingly subtle earthy floral flavors of the Skunk also allow the island qualities to drive the flavors and effects.

Morning Glory plants are somewhat branchy, working best when branches are retained rather than pruned to a single-stem plant. This plant’s growing structure is truly hybrid, with medium leaves and a medium height and structure. Barney’s Farm recommends growing Morning Glory in soil with organics. Plants finish in early October outdoors, or in 8-10 weeks of flowering indoors, with average yields of 450 grams per square meter.

In their natural state, Morning Glory buds have a distinctly strong, citrus aroma, but the smoke is mild and just a bit earthy and spicy, with subtle hints of almonds and white pepper. The high is soaring yet simultaneously relaxing. It can enhance energetic or social activities, making it a true “morning glory”, yet it serves equally well when more sedentary or passive activities are planned, whether laying on the beach or simply watching a summer movie. -kindgreenbuds

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